Pastor Jerry & Megan Harper Welcome You

  Pastor Jerry & Megan Harper Welcome You  

          Deep in the heart of every person is a need to belong, to sense their unique place in the world.  God
knows this because He designed us that way.  We speak of family, community, nation--all of these are concept of place, a way of bringing order out of chaos, telling us who we are and the place we belong - giving us a sense of definition to all the relationships we hold dear.

          A church can be a very important place in your life.  Like a family, we believe it can be a place for strength, growth, freedom and life.  All too often it has been a confining place, but that is not God's plan.  God has designed each of us with a very special purpose and destiny.  Our challenge as a church is to help you discover that purpose and equip you for it... and do this in a caring environment of freedom and love.  It's quite a challenge...but we love it!

          Abundant Life Christian Center of Lorain County has become "First Family" for many people, and for my family as well.  I invite you to be our guest just as soon as possible.  It just might be that this "family" is a place for your family...for nothing would please us more than to know that Abundant Life has become a place for you.

Dr. Jerry & Megan Harper
Senior Pastor