40 Days of Prayer

  40 Days of Prayer  
Are you Ready for God to add Power
to your Prayer Life?

     Starting January 14, 2018 through February 25, 2018, Abundant Life Christian Center Church Family and Friends will embark on a church wide campaign that will unite us together in life-changing prayer.  We will come together and learn how to pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before. Most families today are struggling with a difficult situations or circumstances. They need a breakthrough in their lives.  Whether it’s praying for a breakthrough in marriages, health, finances, or relationships, persistent prayer is how God moves to transform people’s lives.
Breakthroughs always begin with prayer!

Throughout this campaign, our church will:
            - Learn to pray for breakthroughs
            - Develop a daily habit of prayer
            - Unify our congregation
            - Experience God’s blessings
            - Unlock the secret to answered prayer
Our 40 Days of Prayer Church Team
            Campaign Coordinator:  Alex & Tamara Lengyel
            Small Group Coordinator:  Jared & Elizabeth Harper
            Pastor/Church Prayer Team Coordinator: Rick & Linda DePaolis
            Communication Coordinators: Josh & Heather Sexton
     Available is a “40 days of Prayer Workbook” for $15 that each person or family will use throughout the 40 days of Prayer and in the iConnect Small Group meetings, which will be held each Sunday evening at 5pm for six weeks.  This all-in-one workbook contains the study guide for each small group lesson, daily prayer prompts, space for weekly sermon notes, and suggestion for further study.  The lessons in 40 Days of Prayer will help you pray persistently and trust God for everything. If you desire the physical Scripture cards the cost is only $5.
All are encouraged and challenged to devote their time and commitment to this church-wide campaign.  It will be life changing.  It will transform your home and family.  The Church will experience growth and new people coming to the Lord.  Revival will breakout and Spiritual Renewal will prevail.
Sunday Messages on Prayer:
            Sunday, January 7: Draw The Circle - 40 Day Prayer Challenge
            Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday January 9-11:  3 Day Prayer & Fasting Church Wide
            Sunday, January 14:    The Purpose of Prayer                    Evening Small Groups @ 5pm
            Sunday, January 21:    How to Pray with Confidence           Evening Small Groups @ 5pm
            Sunday, January 28:    The Pattern for Prayer                    Evening Small Groups @ 5pm
            Sunday, February 11:  Praying for a Breakthrough              Evening Small Groups @ 5pm
            Sunday, February 18:  How to Pray in a Crisis                    Evening Small Groups @ 5pm
            Friday-Saturday, February 23-24:  Training Workshop on “Revival By Design”
            Sunday, February 25:  Guest Speaker Douglas Elkins “Revival By Design”
Bonus: Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer the First Time I Pray?
Evening Small Groups @ 5pm

Your's for Revival in 2018,                                          
Pastor Jerry & Megan Harper